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Adopting biosimilars can be complicated. Organon Biosimilars is a focused team at Organon, here to provide information and resources to help you reach your biosimilar goals.
Why Biosimilars Matter Video
What Is a Biosimilar?

Bringing important medicines to patients in need.

What Is a Biosimilar?

Our approach

We at Organon Biosimilars believe your experience matters. That is why we prioritize our customers first through listening, learning, and understanding their needs. As the biosimilar landscape changes, so do we—with an unwavering commitment to dedicated support.

One of the goals in introducing biosimilars was reducing health care costs related to biologics.1,2 Learn more about what biosimilars may offer the health care system.

Why Biosimilars
What Is a Biosimilar?

What is a biosimilar?

FDA—What Is a Biosimilar?

Helpful information from the FDA explaining what a biosimilar is.

Why Biosimilars Matter Video

One-minute video for anyone interested in why biosimilars matter.

Why Biosimilars Matter Video

Rigorous Approval Video

One-minute video for health care professionals that covers the rigorous biosimilar approval process.

The Rigorous Biosimilar Approval Process

FDA, US Food and Drug Administration.

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