This site is intended for U.S. health care professionals.
This site is intended for U.S. health care professionals.

Deciding to adopt a biosimilar?

By understanding the totality of evidence, and the potential long-term savings the biosimilar may provide to the health care system, the payer landscape, and the stakeholders involved, you will be prepared to build a consensus in your organization.

Building knowledge

Collecting information needed by all stakeholders involved in the decision to adopt a biosimilar
Who should be involved?

Assessing the payer landscape

Consulting with internal experts to get an initial understanding of the payer landscape
Who should be consulted?

Building A Consensus

Bring together the right internal colleagues
Who should work together to reach a consensus?

Implementing a biosimilar

In Phase 2, the nuts and bolts of implementing a biosimilar come to the surface. You’ll learn about the necessity of updating systems, how to address the payer landscape and the reimbursement process, and preparing the appropriate educational and communication materials for health care professionals and patients.

Updating Systems

Preparing for the digital transition
Who should be involved?

Addressing payer landscape and reimbursement

Understanding the administrative and regulatory details
Who should play a role?

Educating and communicating key information

Putting patients and process first in your preparations
Who should be involved in these communications?

Going live

Ensuring the readiness of your institution
Who should understand the changes?

Monitoring biosimilar use and experience

Phase 3 will cover the importance of establishing a system to measure the success of biosimilar implementation. Essential assessments include evaluating the quality of the experience for health care professionals and patients, the utilization of the biosimilar, and the impact of biosimilar adoption on the organization as a whole.

Measuring and proving success

Using data to evaluate outcomes and track the progress of your goals
Who should help establish the Key Performance Indicators?

Possible reporting data

Maintaining metrics for accountability and quickly identifying improvement opportunities
Who should evaluate the data?

Learn more about biosimilars for your institution

Advocating for Biosimilars

Interactive educational resource for pharmacists exploring the potential value biosimilars may bring to the health care system.

Confidence in Biosimilars

Interactive educational resource for pharmacists providing an overview of clinical considerations for biosimilars.

Championing Biosimilars

Interactive educational resource discussing the role health system pharmacists play in the successful implementation of biosimilars.

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Ready To Adopt Biosimilars?
Organon does not guarantee that your use of this information will help you achieve your biosimilars goals. This educational resource was prepared in consultation with, and with the permission of, a health care administrator at a major health care institution who had successfully implemented a biosimilars switch within their organization. The adoption process and roles may vary by institution.

No matter where your institution is in its biosimilar adoption journey, Organon is ready to help.